Dramaturgy Portfolio



Joy of Regathering

UIUC, 2022

After nearly a year of devising and development, the Joy of Regathering opened in the Colwell Playhouse at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on September 17, 2022. Along with documenting the entire process and organizing the website, Landon (in collaboration with Assistant Dramaturg, Ethan Smith) created an interactive pre- & post-show for audience members to immerse themselves in our artistic & scientific world. JoR website can be found here: https://joy-of-regathering.physics.illinois.edu/

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UIUC, 2021

Landon served as the Production Dramaturg for UIUC's production of Sweat, directed by Professor Latrelle Bright. Landon created a digital dramaturgy guide for the cast, which can be found here: https://meghanlandon.wixsite.com/sweat-uiuc.

Landon additionally worked as the Assistant Fight Choreographer to Zev Steinrock.

Misty Slope

Rock of Aging


As one of my breakout performances, this project holds a very special place in my heart. I couldn’t have worked with a better team, who provided me the support and guidance I needed to elevate my act. I’m proud to say that my performance received outstanding reviews, as did the work of the entire cast and crew.